Our company in 2001, tarpaulins, tents, awnings, carpet and construction industries to provide services in the field "Aytac Canvas Membrane Architecture Steel Construction Industry and Trade Limited Company", the title of the Pendik district of Istanbul was established. Customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and fast delivery-oriented principle, our company is working with the existing experience and knowledge with each passing day the need for improving the technological-based and customer-oriented product solutions, the industry has managed to take one of the preferred companies. Our company is growing relentlessly still Istanbul Pendik district headquarters and factory in Gebze district of Kocaeli in 2011, a total of 2000 m2 closed area by incorporating Adex Metal brand continues to provide services to the sector. Tents, awnings, tarpaulins, and all types of membranes used in the production of cotton, polyester and plastic product containing tents, canvas and tarpaulin sewing, design, architecture, manufacturing and marketing of fast-spreading carpet making areas in Turkey since 1992 with the construction, leasing and tadilatıyla both contributed to the country as well as its structure. The use of high-tech devices to high-quality and fast service, as well as the need to have well-trained personnel who are aware of the company for this purpose, both in-house and outsourced personnel training and seminars over the internet. Serving the four corners of Turkey, our company is expanding with each passing day the limits of service with the support of our valued customers will continue to progress on its path.

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